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Case Studies

Some of our work

Case Study - IT Outsourcing

A European company had a requirement to develop a recruitment related product. The product allowed Recruitment professionals, Labor Consultants and HR departments to analyze and work with the labor market data and real time intelligence accessible through an easy to use web interface.

Our Role: Webovate was the technical and implementation partner for the European company. A 12 member offshore team comprising a project manager, senior developers, junior developers and business analysts and testers were setup to develop the product. The team was well equipped to work with technologies like Grails, Groovy, MySql, SOLR, Bootstrap, Javascript frameworks, HTML5, Css, Selenium frameworks. Project management tools like Jiira were used. Additionally versioning tools like Git were used to maintain code. We followed Agile methodology for software development life cycle.

Case Study - Web Scraping

An American company approached Webovate to maintain, optimize its scraping framework.

Our Role: Webovate assigned a part of its team to maintain the framework. We currently maintain the setup which has scaled up to double its initial capacity. The client is also exploring using Webovate’s vast experience in developing custom web crawling frameworks to upgrade the current framework for overcoming existing limitations. The current framework was developed using Railo which our team quickly adapted to.

Case Study - Vertical Search Engine Development

A Singaporean company looking to develop a market research product approached Webovate to develop the Vertical Search Engine. The Search Engine provides easy access to over two million market research reports, company filings, statistical and macro-economic data accumulated from 250,000 authoritative sources

Our Role: Webovate assigned its team of developers headed by an architect to develop the market research portal and further maintain the market research product completely. Which including maintenance of the crawl associated with the product. The team worked on PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Bootstrap, Html, Css.

Case Study - Web Application Development

An American company required Webovate to develop its product using Java, Hibernate, MySql database and bootstrap.

Our Role: Webovate dedicated a part of its development team to work along with the onsite project manager. Our team developed the product earlier than the deadline and also provided support with respect to code deployment, enhancements, and server related issues. The technologies used were Java, Hibernate, MySql database and bootstrap. The client approached Webovate to develop applications in other skillsets.

Case Study - Support Services

A European company providing a recruitment research service to clients in EMEA approached Webovate to build a team to service their clients.

Our Role: Webovate built a recruitment research team comprising a team leader, senior research analysts and sourcing personnel. Developing the team involved creating a result oriented work culture leading to an optimum level of efficiency. Webovate developed and executed plans for hiring, managing, retaining talent as well as controlling finances for the team.