Big Data Solutions

Big Data is the hot topic in the industry right now and a lot of organizations are waking up to this potential and are looking to solve bigger and bigger problems that were never thought possible a decade ago just due to the scale of data and the processing that is required to solve such problems. All this is thanks to recent advances in Big Data processing methodologies like MapReduce and open source platforms that enable one to do this like Apache Hadoop, Cassandra etc.

We, at Webovate Solutions not only have built a number of solutions using the technologies that categorize a solution as Big Data but are also in the process of building a Hadoop like platform that aims to remove major limitations of platforms that have a single point of failure. We have and would love to build solutions that deal with Analytics and Data Visualization, Machine Learning, large scale processing and number crunching. Data Analytics happens to be our core strength and we have built solutions that have made a significant, acknowledged impact to our client’s businesses.

Web Scraping and Mining

With custom built frameworks and solutions, we offer capabilities to scrape and mine web data. The advancements in technology, specifically with browser automation frameworks that simulate a user have enabled startups, mid-sized firms and large corporations to incorporate this large scale dynamic web based data to echance their business offerings and discover high potential products based on the World Wide Web and various Social Media Platforms. Our team has extensive experience and technical know-how in this vertical and can accurately pinpoint the limitations of this technology and its infinite possibility.

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Vertical Search Engine Development

At the core of the team’s strengths is the ability to build vertical search engines (like e-commerce searches, patent search engines etc). This requires a unique blend of knowledge of Big Data technologies and Web application frameworks.

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Web Application Development

We specialize in building web applications and Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) based on modern frameworks like Grails, Spring Roo, Adobe Flex etc utilizing dynamic JVM languages like Groovy and Scala. These are the technologies that are on the cutting edge of the modern technology stack and also enable us to deliver high quality solutions faster.

Our solutions are built from the ground up to work on PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions that enable out of the box scalability and a modular design.

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